What should I get my sister for Christmas İngilizce Diyalogu

A: It’s Christmas 5 days later, and I still haven’t gotten my sister anything at all.

B: Well you better, time is running out. All the shops are going to close down soon for the holidays you know.

A: Yes I am well aware of that. Anyway what should I get her? What do girls like? I have no idea what girls are fond of.

B: It’s not that hard you know, there are tons of gifts available for women. Buy her a nice pair of shoes or a purse or a pretty scarf, or I know a giant teddy bear. Everyone likes those.

A: I don’t know, my sister has always been picky about things…

B: Trust me no one can hate stuffed animals.

A: That does sound nice, it will remind her of her childhood. Alright then, thank you, you saved my life!