What’s for dinner İngilizce Diyalogu

A: What are you going to cook for dinner tonight?

B: I am not sure yet, but I was thinking of making a dish with chicken.

A: Oh chicken sounds great, I love chicken. How about making something really spicy tonight?

B: No I am not very fond of spicy food, but I’ll make sure it a dish all of us can enjoy.

A: How about grilled chicken? Do you know how to make that?

B: I am afraid not. I do know how to make chicken pot pie though, my grandma left me a recipe, have you ever tried this dish?

A: No, but that sounds lovely! I can’t wait to try it, alright chicken pot pie it is then.

B: Absolutely, you will fall in love with my grandma’s recipe, if I can get it right that is.