Auxiliary Verbs Do-Does-Did Quizi

Aşağıdaki sorular için do, does ya da did seçeneği seçiniz.
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What ______you do in your free time? – I play golf

______you see John yesterday? – No, I _________.

Where ________she go for shopping? – She goes to the big mall.

Henry _________ enjoy watching opera.  He prefers cinema

________they tidy their room in the morning? Yes, they ________.

Mark ___________fly to Spain for holiday. He always flies to France.

Why _________ she  start Spanish course last month? – Because she wants to find a job in Madrid.

He _________know reading or writing. Because he _________ go to school when he was young.

Yesterday, Terry _________get up late. So he missed the job interview.

__________ Yola visits her family every week? – No, she ________.