Çözüm Önerme ve Tartışma Diyaloğu

Hicran: At last here we are in the town where I and your father were born, kids. It has been nearly 20 years since we last saw here. Is it true Taşkın?

Taşkın: Yes, honey you are right. We last came here for your mother’s funeral ceremony.

Semiramis: Dad, why are we here to spend our 5 days instead of being in Bodrum and swimming?

Hicran: We talked about it before. We wanted to show you the place where we both were born, grew, and started our lives together as a family.

Ajda: Ok, we understand. But there is nothing special with it. It is a typical village without any trees.

Hicran: I have noticed it too. I remember there were trees on both sides of this road.

Taşkın: There were trees but there were not these buildings. I think all those trees were cut down to make these silly shops and apartments.

Hicran: That can not be the whole explanation. There must be something different. Don’t you see there are not any trees, some new buildings built but what happened to the others?

Taşkın: Do you mean that all those trees disappeared due to a natural disaster?

Hicran: Why not?

Ajda: Mum, can it be desertification? Last week, one of my classmates made a presentation at school. It was about desertification in our country and I remember her saying it has been widely observed in this part of the country.

Taşkın: Have a look around you Hicran. There used to be pine trees here and we used to come here to chat and eat something with our friends. D o you remember?

Hicran: I do. Ajda, what is the main reason of desertification?

Ajda: Climate changes and human being activities like excessive tree cutting.

Taşkın: Can’t we do anything to stop it?

Ajda: Of course we can stop it. But it requires time, money and patience.

Semiramis:  What should we do then?

Ajda: Not should, must. We must encourage afforestation first, and then keep people away from forests especially farmers. Because, they generally use forests as a pasture for their animals, or cut down trees to build homes or sell timbers. We must also combat against erosion, be aware of the situation and run efficient agricultural practice.

Taşkın: OK everybody. I would not like to interrupt you. But we should first find our hotel, settle there and eat something.

Semiramis: Not should, must.