Fun Fair – İngilizce Eğlence Fuarı Quiz

Fun Fair – İngilizce Eğlence Fuarı Quiz

1.-7. soruları metne göre cevaplayınız. There is a wonderful fun fair in Wesley Park in June. It is between the dates the 15th of June and the 30th of June. One token is $2.5, but 10 tokens are $20. I like fun fairs. But some fun rides are boring. For example carrousels… I don’t like them because they’re too slow and not enjoyable. I like wave swingers but my favorite is roller coaster. I hate ghost trains, because they are so frightening. But bumpers cars are fantastic. I want to go to this fun fair and have fun there.
  1. Where is the fun fair?

  1. When is the fun fair?

  1. Which fun ride does she find boring?

  1. What is her favorite fun ride?

  1. Why does she hate ghost train?

  1. How much is one token?

  1. How much are ten tokens?

  1. “Insert your token here”

  1. “Fasten your seatbelts”

  1. “Smoking not allowed”