İngilizce 4 – 8 Üniteler Teog Denemesi

Aşağıdaki 4 – 8 Üniteler Teog deneme sorularına doğru cevap veriniz.

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1.Koray: Mr. Adams has gone out. …………………….? Danny: Yes, could you ask him to call me?

2.One of your friends invites you to a book fair. You are interested in reading so how do you accept his offer?

3.Anthony: How often do you go tennis training? Jean: I only go on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Anthony: You mean ______________________________. Jean: Yes, that’s it.

4.Johnny prefer _____________ because he likes speaking to people.

5.Sue: _______________? Kim: From my tablet. I can take it everywhere.

6.Which one is a classroom rule?

7.Mert : How do you usually keep in touch with your friends? Berk : _______________

8.Bill: Why is London so popular, Amy ? Amy: Because …………………………………….. . Bill: Oh, you’re right. Got it, now.

9.Oscar : _________________?     Fred : Several times a week.

10.(I) Rome is an important tourist destination in Italy. (II) It is an ancient and fascinating city. (III) Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Novano Square are main tourist attractions. (IV) I’d rather visit modern cities than ancient sites.   Parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.

11. I prefer rafting to canoeing because it’s ______ .

  • Use the safe sites
  • Be careful what you share
  • Never meet online friends
  • Don’t be rude
  • Create a strong password
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13.We share the housework at home. Everybody has a/an _________

14. Furkan is an adrenalin seeker,so…………..

15.Pam: Mini golf is a very exciting sport. Cindy: I don’t agree with you. It is very - - - -

16.I use social networks,call my friends,text them messages,meet them regularly and ____ with them.

17.Barış: Mum, I am very hungry. When will you _____________ the table for dinner? Mother: You have to wait for your dad.

(18-19 ve 20 soruları verilen metne göre cevaplayınız.) Cappadocia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey.It is located in Central- Anatolia.It has a continental climate.(hot summers-cold winters)The city has a gerat history going back 3000 years.It was home to many civilizations like Ancient Greeks,Romans,Hittities and Seljuk Turks.The most important destinations in Cappadocia are Ürgüp,Göreme,Ihlara Valley and Avanos.The area has an unique scenery.You can see rocks and underground cities there.You can try hot-baloon riding and take a lot of pictures. You can go trekking in Ihlara Valley.You can try traditional Anatolia dishes and kebabs.You can stay in all inculisive cave resorts and a bed and breakfast places.                            18-) Which  one is 'true' according to text?

19-)Which one is 'false' according to text?

 20-) Ürgup,Göreme and Ihlara Valley are_____________  in Cappadocia.