İngilizce 4 – 8 Üniteler Teog Karışık Test

Aşağıdaki 4 – 8 Üniteler Teog karışık test sorularına doğru cevap veriniz.

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1)Which one is a house rule?

2) Kazım: Dad, could you please _________________ my bike? It is broken. Father: Okay. I will do it.

3)  My favourite chore is vacuuming the floor. It may seem hard but not to me, because    I _______________ it.

(4,5 ve 6. Soruları paragrafa göre cevaplayınız.) Hello, my name is Rıfkı and this is my school day. On weekdays, I get up at 6.00 in the morning. Before breakfast, I wash my hands and face. After breakfast, I wear my school uniform and go to the school by bus, because my school is not near my house. Everyday, I have seven lessons. My first lesson starts at 06.40 and the last lesson finishes at 12.00. I usually have lunch at home after school, but sometimes, my friends and I eat out at lunch time. On Monday and Tuesday afternoon, I go to the school for art course. We make paintings and at the end of the year, we will have an art exhibition at the school. On Wednesday afternoon, I don’t go out and study maths at home. On Thursday and Friday afternoon, I play basketball with my friends at school court. I usually come home at 6.00 in the evening. I have dinner, do my homeworks and go to the bed early every night.             4)At 6 pm, Rıfkı _____________________.

5)Which one is true?

6)On ________________ afternoon, Rıfkı studies maths.

7)In your family, if you want to get on well with your brothers and sisters, you must _____________ _______________.

8) Which one is a classroom rule?

9) If you want to try base jumping, you need a _______ to protect your head in an accident.

10) Eddie: I think bungee jumping is more challenging than skateboarding. What do you think? Janet: Yes, _______________ . And I think bungee jumping is more fascinating than skateboarding too.

11) Erkan: What does ‘’ heart- stopping’’ mean? Tarkan: It means ___________________.

12)Mert : How do you usually keep in touch with your friends? Berk : _______________

13) I don’t like technological devices and I prefer ______________communication with my friends.

14.Jane : Hello, Jane speaking. Can I speak to Kenan please?      Rachel : Hi, Jane. I am sorry, - - - - Would you like to   leave a message?       Jane : No, thanks. I’ll call back later.

15.Oscar : _________________?     Fred : Several times a week.

16.Aşağıdaki eşleştirmelerden hangisi yanlıştır?

17.Yılmaz: İstanbul is the most beautiful city I have ever visited. Arif: ____________________________ Yılmaz: Why? Arif: Because, when I went there, I only saw crowded streets and traffic jam.

18) I uploaded the photos about Harran to my blog. You can _____________ them out.

19) Bill: Why is London so popular, Amy ? Amy: Because ……………………………………..  Bill: Oh, you’re right. Got it, now.

20) Mevlana Museum and Aladdin’s Hill are some of the ………………. of Konya. You should definitely see these places.

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