İngilizce Alfabe The Alphabet


There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. There are two ways of writing each one; in capital letters ‘A B C D …’, or in lowercase letters ‘a b c d …’

Alfabede 26 tane harf vardır , aşağıdaki harfler İngilizce alfabesindeki harfler sırasıyla aşağıdaki gibidir.

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz


English is not spelled phonetically. The same sound is spelled in several different ways. For this reason it is helpful to assign separate symbols to each sound. These must never be mixed up. Letters are written,  sounds are spoken.

Consonants (Sessiz harfler)

/b/                    b                      bus, brown, number, rubber, lab, lamb,

/p/                    p                      pink, pen, apple, export, lamp, tape

/t/                     t                       ten, table, starter, attack, list, restaurant

/d/                    d                      desk, dentist, under, reduce, good, old

/k/                    k                      kind, kettle, coke, hockey, break, look

c                      cat, class, concert, circle, comic, classic,

q                      question, quit, equal, aquarium, –

x                      -, X-ray, exercise, taxi  *x>/ks/

/g/                    g                      get, glass, again, legal, bag, tag

/f/                     f                      fire, from, coffee, offline, life, leaf

ph                    photo, photon, nephew, apostrophe

gh                    cough

/v/                    v                      very, video, seven, every, brave, love

/s/                     s                      size, super, toast, best, bus, class, house

c                      city, cinema, pencil, encircle, advice, police,

/z/                    z                      zoo, zip, lazy, fizzy, size, quiz

s                      -, measles, scissors, please, rise

/h/                  h                      how, hand, ahead, inhuman –

/m/                m                     man, map, famous, company, some, problem

/n/                  n                      nose, near, tennis, and, sun, nine

/ŋ/                  ng                    -, think, punk, song, wrong

/l/                    l                       lamp, lunch, alarm, blue, little, metal

/r/                   r                       red, write, drink, verb, jar, car

/t∫/                ch                    chair, chalk, teacher, detached, coach, match

*t                     -, picture, future, habitual, –

/d3/               j                      jam, june, adjective, adjust, –

g                      giraffe, German, magic, surgeon, large, page

/θ/                th                     thank, three, method, ethnic, month, breath

/ð/                th                     this, the, within, brother, clothe, breathe *with

/∫/                sh                    she, shut, fish, brush,

*t                     action, information

/3/                s                      -, vision, usual, leisure

*g                    -, garage, beige(borrowed words)

/j/                 y                      yes, year, -, –

u                      university, student, beautiful,

/w/               w                     win, word, when, awake, reward, –


Vowels (sesli harfler)

/i:/                    teach, see, eat

/ι/                     happy, sit, it

/e/ /ε/            men, set, bag

/æ/                   man, sad, beg

/α:/                   arm, park, car

/Ŋ/                   hot, what, want

/כ:/                   saw, ball, door, board

/υ/                    put, look, book

/u:/                   student, too, pool

/Λ/                   cup, study, under

/з:/                   bird, burn, pearl

/∂/                    ago, about, butcher


/eι/                   page, name, tailor,

/∂υ/                 home, cold, close

/aι/                   five, eye, time

/aυ/                  now, down, brown

/כι/                   join, boy, choice

/ι∂/                   hear, here, bear

/e∂/                  hair, chair, wear

/υ∂/                  pure, tour, cure

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