C.        Complete the sentences with an expression below. Use don’t where necessary.

Aşağıdaki Alıştırmalarda Doğru Cümleleri Kurmak İçin Boşluklara Doğru Şekilde Doldurunuz

tidy your room                                           please, go to bed                              wear a hat                                                eat those fish

swim far from the beach                        sit there                                                have a picnic in the sun

feed the dog                                                 please be quiet                                  be patient

slowdown                                                      smoke                                                  drink the water

1.    _______________________________, please. It’s my turn.

2.    _______________________________. It’s almost midnight.

3.    _______________________________. The floor is wet.

4.    _______________________________. The sun is hot.

5.    _______________________________. There are a lot of speed boats around.

6.    _______________________________, please. There’s a lot of traffic on the road.

7.    _______________________________. You are in a library.

8.    _______________________________. It’s messy.

9.    _______________________________. It isn’t hungry now.

10.   _______________________________. Find a place in the shade.

11.   _______________________________. It’s dirty.

12.   _______________________________. They’re not fresh.




1- Be patient

2- Go to bed

3- Sit there

4- Wear a hat

5- Do not swim far from the beach

6- Slowdown

7- Please be quiet

8- Tidy your room

9-Do not feed the dog

10- Don’t have a picnic in the sun

11- Don’t drink water

12- Don’t eat those fish