İngilizce dolaysız ve dolaylı anlatım örnekleri


(İngilizce dolaysız ve dolaylı anlatım örnekleri)


She says, “I will be a university student.”

She says she will be a university student.


They say, “We have done our job.”

They say they have done their job.


He said, “I can cook well.”

He said he could cook well.


“Tim is sleeping now,” said Sue.

Sue said Tim was sleeping then.


He said, “I have done my homework.”

He said he had done his homework.


“There’s a plane in the sky!” screamed George.

George screamed that there was a plane in the sky.


Selma said, “I saw him yesterday.”

Selma said she had seen him the previous day.


“We are hungry,” they told me.

They told me they were hungry.


“Are you hungry?” he asks me.

He asks me whether I am hungry.


“Will you be home on Sunday?” Selin asks me.

Selin asks me if I will be home on Sunday.


“Do you live in Trabzon?” the teacher asked me.

The teacher asked me if I lived in Trabzon.



“Why are you late?” she wanted to know.

She wanted to know why I was late.


She asked, “What time will you pick me up?” and I said, “I can’t because I’ve lost the car key.”

She asked what time I would pick her up and I said I couldn’t because I had lost the car key.



“Go to your room!” said George.

George told me to go to my room.



“Don’t cry for me today,” said Selma.

Selma told me not to cry for her that day.


“Let’s go for a walk,” he said.

He suggested going for a walk.