İngilizce Passive Voice konu anlatımı

İngilizce Passive Voice konu anlatımı



We use “be made of” and “be made from” to talk about the raw material of an object.

We use “be made of” when the raw material is still recognizable and “be made from” when it is not recognizable.


These desks are made of wood.

Paper is made from wood.

A snowman is made of snow.

Needles are made of iron.

Bread is made from flour.


Present Simple & Past Simple


The passive is not another way of expressing the same sentence in the active. We use “the passive” when the action is more important than the person or the thing that does it.


Active : S + V1(s) + O + …     Passive : O + am/is/are + V3


People grow rice in China.     Rice is grown in China.

They don’t clean the office everyday.   The office isn’t cleaned everyday.

Where do they grow tea?  They grow tea in Rize.

Where is tea grown?  Tea is grown in Rize.


Active : S + V2 + O + …          Passive : O + was/were + V3


People built that hotel last year.   That hotel was built last year.

People grow rice last year.   Rice was grown last year.

Did they air the room last night?  Was the room aired last night?



In a passive sentence the object of an active verb becomes the subject of passive verb. In some sentences the agent (by+person or thing) is used when it includes important information but we don’t add “by+agent” when it’s unknown, unimportant and obvious from the context.


Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.  Hamlet is written by Shakespeare.

Someone stole Tom’s car.      Tom’s car was stolen.



Verbs with two objects

Many verbs, such as “buy, send, show, lend, …” can be followed by two objects. In such cases we can make two different passive sentences.


Someone sent Julia some flowers.  Julia was sent some flowers.

Some flowers were sent to Julia.

They showed us the photographs.  We were showed the photographs.

The photographs were showed to us.

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