İngilizcede Kullanılan En Yaygın Edatlar (Prepositions)




above              (üstünde, yukarısında)

The plane is above the clouds.

about               (hakkında, yaklaşık, civarında)         

What are they talking about?He is about 20 years old.

after                (-den sonra)

After school, we play football.

across              (karşıda, öbür tarafta; karşıdan karşıya)       

We went across the bridge.

against (-e karşı, zıt)

She was trying to walk against the strong wind.

along               (boyunca)       

There are flowers along the river.

among             (ikiden fazla şeyin arasında)

There is a house among the trees.

around             (etrafında, çevresinde, civarında)     

We walked around the city. They sat around the table

behind             (arkasında)

The sun is behind the clouds.

below              (aşağısında, altında) 

The temperature is below 0. She was sitting below us on the stairs.

beside             (yanında, yakınında)

I have a house beside the lake.

before             (-den önce)

We wash our hands before meals.

between          (iki şeyin arasında)

There is a little girl between her parents.

by                    ( ile; tarafından;  yanında)

We travelled by car / by air. This book is by Reşad Nuri. I have a house by the lake.

down               (aşağıya)

She was walking down the street.

during             (esnasında, sırasında) 

We were nervous during the match.

for                   (için)

This letter is for you.

from                (-den, -dan)    

Omar comes from Canada.

in                     (içinde)

What’s in this bag?

into                  (içeriye, içine)

I dropped my bag into the lake.

in front of       (önünde)

There is a tree in front of the house.

like                  (gibi)              

I always worked for you like a slave.

near                 (yanında, yakınında)

My school is near my home. It isn’t far away.

next to             (bitişiğinde, yanında)

Come and sit next to me.

on                    (üstünde, üzerinde)

There’s a clock on the wall.

opposite          (karşısında, karşıya)   

The candidate is sitting opposite the interviewer.

out                   (dışına, dışarıya)

After doing shopping, she went out of the supermarket.

outside            (dışarıya, dışarısında)

The bodyguards are outside the house.

over                 (üzerinde, üzerinden, karşıdan karşıya)

The plane is flying over the village.

through           (içinden)        

She was looking through the microscope.

to                     (-e, -a)

We travelled from Ankara to İstanbul.

under               (altında) 

The children are sleeping under the tree.

with                 (ile, -li, -lı)

The man with glasses is the director. She is mixing the soup with a spoon.

without           (-siz, -sız, olmaksızın, olmadan)        

I can’t see well without my glasses.