İngilizcede Yaygın Kullanılan Takım Fiileri

break down       : (bozulmak, arıza yapmak) Unfortunately, my car broke down on the motorway.

break into           : (zorla, kapı pencere kırarak içeri girmek) Two robbers broke into my house last night.

break out            : (patlak vermek, başlamak) The fire broke out before midnight last night.

bring up               : (yetiştirmek) I want to bring up my children in Turkey.

call off                  : (iptal etmek) They called off the flights because of the fog.

carry on               : (devam etmek) He carried on walking in spite of the heavy rain.

carry out             : ((emir, görev vb.) yerine getirmek) The students carried out the experiment well.

come across      : (rastlamak, şans eseri bulmak) I came across a photo of my grandma in the attick.

find out               : (bulmak, öğrenmek) The police haven’t found out anything about the robbery yet.

get away             : (kaçmak) Two prisoners got away last night.

get on (well) with: (iyi geçinmek) Sally gets on well with her roommate. I don’t get on with Kevin.

get off                  : (otobüs/ tren ’den inmek) She got off the bus at the last bus stop.

give up                 : (bırakmak) My father gave up smoking cigarette last year.

go on                    :  (devam etmek; olmak) What’s going on here?

go off                   : (1- patlamak; 2- alarm, zil vb. çalmak; 3- gıda vb. bozulmak; 4-  elektrik vb. gitmek) Unfortunately, a bomb went off in the city centre last week. Don’t drink this milk; it’s gone off. The lights went off while we were studying lesson last night.

go up                    : (fiyat, sıcaklık vb. artmak) Petrol prices will go up next year.

grow up               : (yetişmek, büyümek) Sally was born in London but she grew up in Turkey.

keep off              : (uzak durmak, uzak tutmak; kaçınmak) The children should keep off the grass.

keep up with     : (ayak uydurmak, geri kalmamak) He is trying to keep up with the new technology.

look after            : (= take care of – bakmak) My grandmother often looks after the children.

look for                : (aramak) I am looking for the keys. I have lost them.

look forward to : (dört gözle beklemek) I can’t wait for the Alanya tour. I’m looking forward to it.

look out               : (dikkat etmek) Look out! There’s a big dog coming.

make up              :(1- bir hikaye, özür vb. uydurmak; 2- makyaj yapmak; 3- telafi etmek) . The students made up a story about why they were late, but the teacher didn’t believe them.

put on                  : (1- elbise vb. giymek, 2- takmak; 3- kilo almak) Don’t forget to put your hat on. It’s very cold.

put out                : (söndürmek) The fire brigade put out the fire easily.

put off                 : (ertelemek) They put off the match until next week.

put up with        : (tahammül etmek, tolerate) I can’t put up with that noise any longer!

run into               : ( rastlamak; çarpmak) I ran into an old friend in town. A lorry ran into my car.

run out of           : (bitirmek) We have run out of coffee. I need to go shopping. 

set out                  : (yola çıkmak) They set out in the morning.

set up                   : (kurmak) I will set up my own business.

take after           : (benzemek) Sally takes after her mum. Both are very tidy.

take off               : (1- (elbise) çıkarmak; 2- (uçak) kalkmak) You should take off your shoes before entering the house. The plane takes off at 15.00 this afternoon.

take up                : ((hobi vb.) başlamak) My father got retired and he took up fishing.

turn down          : (1- (sesi) kısmak; 2- teklifi reddetmek) Turn the radio down please; it’s too loud. I will turn down her invitation as I don’t like her.

turn on                : (= switch on- (alet vb.) açmak) He turned on the TV and started to watch it.

turn off                : (= switch off- (kapamak) You aren’t watching TV. Then you should turn it off.

turn up                : (gelmek, ortaya çıkmak) Surprisingly, my father turned up at the party last night.

wake up              : (uyanmak) I usually wake up early in the mornings.