İş Görüşmesi Diyaloğu

Boss: Welcome, Mr Tailor.

Hugo: Thank you, Mr Sailor.

Boss: Could you please tell us why you would like to work for us?

Hugo: Yes, Sir. I want this job, because I think I am the best suitable person for this position.

Boss: You are so assertive.

Hugo: Well I have been in this sector for 10 years and I have got quite enough experience. I started my career at Alliance Insurancing Company, worked there for two years, then I was transferred to Nippon Insurancing Company and spent 5 years there as Deputy Director.

Boss: I remember that you spent your last 3 years at Ergo Insurance as a General  Manager. Why do you want to leave your position and make a new start?

Hugo: My dreams and company’s general policies didn’t meet each other. I wanted to make the company grow faster but the company wanted to have a stable growing.

Manager: What do you promise to do for our company?

Hugo: I can take you a different position; make you one of the first 5 companies in sales.

Boss: Why don’t we have a break for coffee and then go on with the details?

Hugo: As you wish Sir.