Sorunlar ve Emir Verme Diyaloğu

Demet: Your phone is ringing again. We have come here to drink something and talk. But for the last 15 minutes it has been the third call you have received. I can’t believe it.

Faruk: I am sorry but it is usual for me. I wake up at 7 in the mornings and I start to get these calls just after I get up.

Demet: How do you cope with them?

Faruk: It is too hard. But it is a vital part of my life and job. You know I am stockbroker and my clients always want to reach me.

Demet: Don’t you sometimes wish to be away from them?

Faruk: How can I do it?

Demet: Just switch your mobile off  for 3 days, go somewhere, and don’t tell anybody where you are going.

Faruk: That sounds good to me. I will think about it.

Demet: Why don’t you do it now? Look it is ringing again. Don’t answer it. Call your

Travel agency, make a reservation for tomorrow …

Faruk: Stop! Are you kidding me? I must answer her. She is my best and most important client.

Demet: But you said you liked my idea.

Faruk: Yes, I said I liked it. But I also said I will think about it. Now, please be quiet. I must answer Mrs. Anderson. Yes, Mrs Anderson. How are you?

Demet: You never try to change!


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