Teog Deneme Sınavı 20 Soruluk

Teog Deneme Sınavı 20 Soruluk  
Fatma Uyar Öğretmenimizin hazırlamış olduğu İngilizce Teog tarzı sorular Deneme 9

1-Oh no! A spider!!  I’m …………. of it.

a) proud         b) good       c) difficulty       d) afraid

2-Ali: Ian Fleming worked hard a lot of years, so he discvered the first antibiotic.

Veli: Yes, …………………………………..

A) Unfortunately he was unsuccessful

B) He was patient and hardworking.

C) What a bad result!

D) He failed in the end.


3-Because Stephan Hawking is a successful phycisist, …………………….

A) He has given lectures in the most famous universities

B) He was paralyzed when he was at the university.

C) He was not recognized by authorities.

D) He did not discover anything about the universe and cosmology,


4-I’m a ………………… person. This is my weakness.

a) illiterate              b) unselfish

c) trustworthy       d) humorous


5-Alex: We have history exam next week but I could not take notes during lessons. Did you study?
Kerem: Yes, I revised it until the Declaration of Turkish Republic.
Aylin: If so, please say me _______________________________ on 1 November 1922?
Kerem: The Grand National Assembly abolished the sultanate.

a) What time                 b) What is the date
c) What happened               d) What kind of lessons


6-Kemal: Do you know the first female combat pilot of Turkish Republic?
Şevval: I think, she was Sabiha Gökçen.
Kemal: …………………. . She was Sabiha Gökçen.

A. You are absolutely right.         B. You are wrong.
C. That’s nice.                                 D. Why not?


7-Carl: I’d like to do something for old people.
Jack: Then, let’s work for a charity for __________ .

a) the young                 b) the kids
c) the elderly                 d) the teens

8-Metinde hangi sorunun cevabı yoktur?

Hi, I’m Jack. I’m looking for a job. I’m thirty years old. I’m good-looking and I’m confident. I am not married. I can speak German and Portuguese. I’d like a good salary. I’d like to have friendly colleagues. I’d like to have my own office. I want to have job security. I’d like to have a good boss. I’d like to have a job with promotion, holiday pay and sick pay. I’d like a job with flexible working hours because I sometimes play the guitar in a club.


a)How old are you?

b)Are you single or married?

c)Why would you like to have flexible working hours?

d)Have you got a car?


9-A: Have you read the latest book of Elif Şafak?

B: Yes, I have. ___ ?

       A: Not yet, but I will.

a)Are you sure              b)You’re welcome

c)What about you         d)Terrible


10-Rojin uses ___________ products in winter because she has got a dry skin.

a) hand care                b) smooth

c) hair care                  d) unhealthy


11-I’m very thankful to you _________ you’ve helped me with my school project.

a) but                          b) because

c) so                            d) and


12-I’m suffering from acne and I don’t know what should I do for getting rid of it.


Yukarda geçen cümleyi söyleyen birine hangi tavsiyede bulunursak yanlış olur?

a) You shouldn’t eat junk food

b) You should drink two litres of water a day

c) You should scrub your acnes on your face

d) You shouldn’t use chemical products


13-Teacher: You weren’t at school yesterday.

Student: I was ill, sir

Teacher: You shouldn’t ________________

If you want to be successful.


a) take exercise           b) do practise tests

c) make a plan            d) miss classes



One day Jivan was alone at home. She was watching TV when he fell asleep. She had an exciting dream. In his dream, she was flying on a magic carpet. First, she flew to a desert. Jivan felt uncomfortable because it was too hot and dry. Then she flew to the mountains.

The mountains were very high and Jivan got scared. After that, she flew to a big forest. There were a lot of nice trees and flowers. Jivan loved it there. While she was flying to an Island with a lot of butterflies, she sunddenly woke up. Jivan thought: “Wow, what a great dream”.


14. What can be the title of the story?

a) The sweltering desert

b) The big forest

c) Jivan’s exciting dream

d) The high mountains


15.Why did Jivan feel uncomfortable in desert?

Because ______________


a) There were a lot of trees and flowers

b) The desert was too hot ad dry

c) The mountains were too high

d) She was scared


16-Konuşma balonunda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın cümleyi seçeneklerden bulunuz.


My skin is too oily. I always use skincare products.


A) I have problems with my skin. I pay attention to my face.

B) I don’t have any problems with my skin.

C) I have a smooth skin. I always use skincare product.

D) My skin is smooth enough. I don’t use skincare products


17-“ I have made up my mind. I’m going to be a doctor.”
Altı çizili cümle aşağıdaki cümlelerden hangisiyle yer değiştirirse anlamda değişme olmaz?

a) I have decided.               b) I have met someone.
c) I have been there.            d) I have done the task


18-Aşağıdaki tanımlanan kişi için hangisi söylenebilir.

She’s got an angel’s heart. She’s there when you need. She always does all that she can for her friends.


A-She is untrustworthy and helpful

B-She is trustful but unfriendly

C-She is good-looking and outgoing

D-She is helpful and friendly

19-Cansu: My father has worked for Stephen Hawking!

Filiz:______ __In my  opinion, your are proud of him.


a) I can’t believe my eyes!          c) No way!

b) I can’t believe my ears!         d) What a nice story



20.Özlem: Do you know that? Agatha Christie was the  best detective story writer and she wrote 80 detective   stories.

Hasan: I know! Have you heard that she was dyslexia?

Özlem:_________________I haven’t. It is great!


a) Really?                                            b) Certainly

c) You are absolutely right               d) No way!

Test bitti.Good Luck!

İngilizce Teog Deneme sınavı soruları Fatma Uyar Öğretmenimizin sorularıdır.  Kendisine teşekkürü borç biliriz.





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