Aşağıdaki 1 – 8 Üniteler Teog Deneme sınavındaki sorulara doğru cevap veriniz.

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1-Fatih is my best friend. We sometimes _____ but we _______ most of the time.

2-I would like to try snowtubing because it is_____

3-A: How do you cook fish ? B: I usually ___ but I sometimes ____ it.

4-I don’t use technology .I prefer _____

5-I would rather go motor racing ………..do parkour running because it is easier to do .

6-Which one is not another name of the extreme sports?

7-Martin : ……………  Kevin :  Several times a week

8-Şirin :  ………. . Betty : I get news ,do shopping online and search for information .

9-I never _____________ the meals at home. I always eat out.

10-Everyday ı help my family and share the housework because ______

11-Base jumping tutkunu olan ve bu sporu her yerde yapan macera tutkunu Ercüment son atlayışında aşağıdaki önlemlerden hangisini almadığı  için aşağıya düştüğünde ayak bileğini burkmuş ve sevenlerini yasa boğmuştur?

12-Bungee jumping is a dangerous sport that’s why …………….. Because I‟m an adrenalin seeker.

Aşağıdaki 13, 14 ve 15. soruyu parçaya göre cevap veriniz                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Göbeklitepe is a historic site, about 15 km away from the city of Ş.Urfa. Göbeklitepe is the world’s first temple and it is about 12.000 years old. When the archeologists found the site, some information about history changed. Finding a 12.000 year-old temple was very interesting for archeologists because the site was a belief center not a city. Also, in Göbeklitepe there are T-shapped Stones and they symbolize human beings. However,the world doesn’t know much about Göbeklitepe, so a few tourists visit the site. Turkey tries to announce the importance of Göbeklitepe to the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     13-Göbeklitepe is ________________

14-Which one is true?

15-Which one is false?

16-I want to go to an all- inclusive ___________ for holiday in summer.

17-I don’t love animals, so I never ____. My sister does it.

18-After doing laundry, my mother_________.

19-Barış: Mum, I am very hungry. When will you ________ the table for dinner?

20-Taking out the garbage is my duty at home. Altı çizili sözcüğün yerine hangisi gelebilir?