İngilizce 6 – 8 Üniteler Teog Karışık Test

Aşağıdaki 6 – 8 Üniteler Teog karışık test sorularına doğru cevap veriniz.

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1.Which isn’t an extreme sport?

2.I love bungee jumping because to me it is _____

3.I enjoy being outdoors.I love to test myself. I do hanggliding so I am ______

4.I would rather go sightseeing than visiting a museum because it is ______

5.Aşağıdakilerden hangisi sorulan sorunun cevabı olamaz?
  •    Why do people like dangerous sports?

(6. ve 7. soruları diyaloğa göre cevaplayınız.)
  • Helen : So Jack, why do you like parkour running?
  • Jack : It’s really fun, and it keeps me fit.
  • Helen : Do you need any special equipment to do parkour running?
  • Jack : Just a pair of good trainers. We just use what’s around us like walls, stairs and trees.
  • Helen : Is it difficult?
  • Jack : It’s not really difficult but a little challenging. If you’re not scared, you can do it.
  • Helen : Is it dangerous?
  • Jack : It’s not more dangerous than white-water rafting or hang gliding                                                                                                                                                                                                      6-  Why does Jack like parkour running?

7. Parçaya göre hangi cümle doğrudur?

8.Samet: How about going on holiday in june? Demet: _____________________. Samet: Ok. I am booking the rooms then.

9.Pelin: ______________ did Eiffel Tower’s construction take? Safiye: About two years.

(10. 11. ve 12. soruları diyaloğa göre cevaplayınız.)
Now, I want to tell you about the most historic place, I have ever visited. The place is Ephesus. Ephesus is a ruined city in Selçuk/İzmir. However, this city is not a living city, it is only a historic place for tourists to visit. For this reason, you must get a ticket to enter this ancient city. In Ephesus, there are many historic stones around, but two ruined buldings are very important. The first one is Library of Celsus, It is important because it is one of the most fascinating libraries in history. In the past, the library contained thousands of books, but now, there is no book in it. According to the records, the all the books were destroyed by enemy forces in the history. The second one is The Antique Theatre.  The theatre is also ruined, but in the past, almost 20.000 people could watch theatrical plays in it. Also it has a perfect arctitechtural design to distribute the sounds. Lastly, when you go out of Ephesus, You will probably feel yourself pleased with the  interesting views of ancient civilizations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10.)  You should visit Ephesus because___________

11)   The theatre is very important because____________

12)   Which one is false?

13)Eşleştirmelerden hangisi doğrudur?

14)In my family I do the grocery shopping and take out the garbage. I do it because it is my _____

15) I don’t love animals, so I never ______. My sister does it.

16) After my sister does the laundry she____

17) Everyday ı help my family and share the housework because ______

18)  At home, everybody has a duty to do. I am ___________ for taking out the garbage.

19) Barış: Let’s ____, because the fridge is empty Mahmut: OK. That’s a good idea.

20)   İbrahim: Who will ______________? The bin is full. Rıfkı: I will do it.