İngilizce Geniş Zaman Okuma Parçası Soru ve Cevaplar

For the questions below, please choose the best option. (Aşağıdaki sorular için en uygun cevabı seçiniz.)

My name is Katy Smith. I live on a farm with my mother and father. I like it but I work very hard. Every morning I wake up at six o’clock and feed the horses. Then I can go back to the house. Mum makes breakfast at 6:30 and I’m not late for breakfast because I don’t like cold eggs. After breakfast I help dad for an hour. Then I have a shower and get ready for school. The school bus leaves at 8:15. I leave home at 8:00.

After school I can watch TV for an hour. Then we have our dinner. We have chicken for dinner but I hate it. I eat it because mum gets angry. After dinner I do my homework. Then I go out and feed the horses. I go to bed early because I’m always very tired at the end of the day.

1- Where does Katy live?

2- What time does she get up every morning?

3- Who makes breakfast every morning?

4- Why isn’t she late for breakfast?

5- When does she have a shower?

6- She doesn’t like the farm.

7- Katy doesn’t work very hard.

8- Katy has a shower before 8:15.

9- Katy’s mother doesn’t like chicken.

10- After dinner Katy feeds the horses.