İngilizcede En Yaygın Kullanılan Zamanlar Tablosu


( İngilizcede En Yaygın Kullanılan Zamanlar Tablosu)


Tenses Use Example Signal Words
Present simple(I play, He playsI don’t play,He doesn’t play) ●general truth●routine actions●future for timetables●story telling●states (like, need, have, know, etc.) Fish live in water.I get up at 8 every morning.The train leaves at 7 tomorrow.One day, a man goes to a pub. ..I need some water. every dayusuallysometimesoftenon Sundays


Present continuous(am/is/are+V-ing) ●actions happening now or around now●something changing●future plans We are listening to music now.Prices are getting expensive.I’m seeing the doctor at 9. nowat the momentLook.
Past simple(I played, I went, I didn’t play, I didn’t go) ●past actions●past states I played football yesterday.We lived in Paris between 2000 and 2012. yesterdayagolastin 2002
Past continuous(was/were + -ing) ●a continuous action at a certain time in the past We were dancing when my father came. ‘this time yesterday’whileat that time
Present perfect simple(have/has + V3) ●action started in the past and continues up to present●a past action with a present effect●action happened at unstated time I have lived in this city since 2012.The taxi has arrived. Bye.I have been to Paris twice in my life. justyetalreadyeverso far


up to now



‘over the past     (decade)’


Present perfect continuous(have/has + been + -ing) ●action started in the past and continues up to present●action started in the past and continues up to recent past but with a present effect I have been living in this city for two years.I’m tired. I’ve been running. all morningforsincefor…now



will future(I will go, I won’t go) ●to predict the future●instant decisions It will rain tomorrow.Hey. I’ll help you. next yearin the futuretomorrowsoon
going to future(He is going to play, He isn’t going to play) ●talk about future based on present state●actions already planned or decided Oh, black clouds! It’s going to rain.He has a ticket. He’s going to travel to Australia. this eveningtomorrow
Past perfect simple(had +V3) a past action before another past action I had brushed my teeth before I went to bed. byby the timebefore